About Us

C'Est La Wien is organized by machine learning PhD students from TU Wien and University of Vienna. This is a list of all of us and our research interests:

Franka Bause (University of Vienna): Machine learning with graphs.

Tamara Drucks (TU Wien): Graphs, optimization, and (deep) learning theory.

Patrick Indri (TU Wien): Trustworthy machine learning focusing on privacy and robustness.

Anice Jahanjoo (TU Wien): Machine learning in Health Monitoring Systems and SAR Image processing.

Fabian Jogl (TU Wien): Machine learning on graphs and especially graph neural networks. Combining ideas from algorithmics with machine learning.

Julian Lemmel (TU Wien): Online Reinforcement Learning and continuous-depth models.

David Penz (TU Wien, JKU Linz): Disentangled representations, knowledge transfer, and neuro-symbolic AI.

Maximilian Thiessen (TU Wien): Graph-based machine learning, active learning, and learning theory. Connects (graph) convexity theory with machine learning.

You can contact us at hello[dot]cestlawien[at]gmail[dot]com

We are supported by the UniVie Doctoral School Computer Science DoCS (University of Vienna) and the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (TU Wien).


Fabian Jogl
Machine Learning Research Unit (E 194-06)
Information Systems Engineering Institute
Faculty of Informatics
TU Wien
Address: Erzherzog-Johann-Platz 1 (FB02), 1040 Vienna, Austria